Questions and Answers

  1.  What is Shadow Mountain Furniture?

             Shadow Mountain Furniture is designed and built:

  1. In continued consultation with the purchasing client.
  2. Constrained by the structural, environmental  sensitives and visual qualities of the woods used. 
  3. Overall informed by traditional North American furniture designed.

2. Where are you located

In the Interior of British Columbia , Canim Lake. British Columbia, Canada

3. Material and Methods ?


Wood, some metal fastenings and at times, natural fiber rope for function and variety.  Some of the lumbers in the furniture build have transcended their original beauty by natural aging similar to an aged wine.  


Mostly traditional hand tools.  The largest hand power tool is an electric sander used for finishing. Initial shapes of individual components are produced with a band saw or circular saw.  The hand tools are essential in the creative process. They allow shaping, fitting, and most importantly anticipating the piece as it comes into form:

  1. Do the curves look too bold?
  2. Are we enhancing visual strength or diminishing it ?
  3. Is smoothness of texture a desired quality?
  4. Is the aged and worn provenance of the wood an imperative .

Final finishing is with a Bees’ Wax and Carnauba Wax application, hardening, and buffing – four to six cycles to seal and tone the wood.  

4.  Possible Designs: Wooden home furnishings from chairs & stools through tables, beds and cupboards.

5. Meeting for design purposes needs to be as close to an in-person mutual  interview as possible .  Conversations over lunch or the home setting are best.  Video conferencing works…. Or even phone and 2 -emailed photos.

6.  Will you offer shipping insurance?

Fully insured shipping with DHL, Loomis or Fedex. 

8.  What will the deposit be and payment method? 

50% deposit down after the design consultation is completed. Balance owing upon shipping.  Funds transferred via banking e-transfer

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